Dr. George Redmon


Dr. George Redmon is an independent author, nutritional counselor and a naturopathic practitioner, 

having been associated with the natural health industry for over 35 years. He is a graduate of the Clayton College of Natural Health (ND), American Holistic College of Nutrition (Ph.D.), and Walden University (Ph.D.Administration and Management). Dr Redmon has previously served as The National Supplement Training Director for the largest retailer of nutritional supplements in the United States and has appeared on CN8 Who’s On Call, The Gary Null Show, and several other syndicated radio programs.

He is the author of Sensual for Life (Kinsington Publishing), Natural Born Fatburners (New Century Publishing), Energy for Life (Square One Publishers), Managing and Preventing Prostate Disorders: The Natural Alternatives (Hohm Press), Managing and Preventing Arthritis: The Natural Alternatives (Hohm Press), and Minerals: What Your Body Really Needs and Why (Avery). Additionally, Dr. Redmon is a Certified Herbal Specialist by the American Botanical Council. Dr Redmon is a freelance writer with numerous articles which appear in many natural health and related bodybuilding publications.

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Minerals: What Your Body Really Needs and Why

This book explores the worldwide decline of minerals within the soil and its correlation to current health epidemics and chronic disease states. This book is divided into 2 parts. Part one discusses the general functions of minerals in the body, their role in bodily processes and factors affecting absorption. Part two reveals the attributes of individual minerals, dose ranges and toxicity levels

Managing and Preventing Arthritis: The Natural Alternative

Arthritis is largely preventable and for those already afflicted, its symptoms can be managed by a variety of natural means vs. dangerous drugs. Learn age-old herbal remedies, the role of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as well as mind-body medicine, acupressure, therapeutic touch and other forms of body work.

Natural Born Fatburners

In the United States, 60 million people are classified as overweight, this despite on any given day nearly half of all American women and American men are on a diet. Dieting is not the answer, nor are dangerous diet drugs. Natural Born Fatburners reveals vital information on the safest and most natural way to lose unwanted pounds and fat.


Physical  healing and recovery without restoring psychological and spiritual health only tempers the healing process. Health, meaning natural healing and spiritual healing, aren't separate entities, they are one force.

Managing and Preventing Prostate Disorders

Over 12 million men in the U.S. alone suffer from some sort of prostate disorder, with the incidence of cancer and other prostate problems 2 to 3X’s higher for African American males. The life-saving information in this book about prostate health should be read by every man and his family. Safe, natural preventative measures are presented, as well as natural restorative treatments.

Defeat Cancer Naturally

This presentation gives the reader an in-depth look at a number of topics and natural ways that are designed to substantially improve the cancer survivors quality of life, immune response, mental and psychological stability, as well as how to naturally manage and improve pain tolerance, to the role sexual intimacy and orgasmic release not only plays in the healing process, but as a preventive measure against cancer recurrence as well. Overall, this project takes an in-depth look at how exercise/sleep actually changes the body’s healing biochemistry. 


Reigniting the Flames of Sexual Desire Naturally!

Nature's Anti-Diabetic Medicines

The main purpose and goal of Nature’s Anti-Diabetic Medicines, to present to you a comprehensive review of the global research surrounding the use and overall benefits of these natural products, and their ability to negate the progression of diabetes and nurture health, versus just treating blood-sugar abnormalities, once diabetes is detected.  

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The Sexual Fitness Health Connection

Healthcare professionals have continuously maintained that long-term sexual health and fitness are intimately intertwined with sustaining one’s overall health. Correspondingly, the goal of Reigniting Flames of Sexual Desire Naturally: A Guide for Youthful and Maturing Women is to show the reader how naturally maintaining ones overall physical and mental health drives the sexual continuum. Secondly, to reveal how orgasmic release and increased sexual activity isn’t just a means for experiencing pleasure or creating new life. Biologically, orgasmic release helps recalibrate and reenergize the body’s restorative biochemistry that not only promotes healing, but drives the health continuum. Thirdly, revealing   how naturally nourishing, and improving fluctuating aspects of inborn hormonal and sexual communication systems can improve sexually transmitted brain signals, sexual organ reaction times and performance.

Healing naturally

​Totally Devoted

Our health is a precious gift.  We can make positive choices to keep our bodies and ourselves vital and in tip top condition.  Dr. George Redmon is devoted to teaching others how to improve and maintain health naturally.


Dr. Redmon's Life Experience 

Dr. Redmon's journey has taken him from being fully incapacitated and wheel chair bound, to having experienced three near-death experiences, to recovery and today to a totally self-sufficient quality filled life-style...

What others say about Dr. Redmon 

"It is clear that individuals can control their own mental and physical health to a greater extent than health experts ever suspected. The first step toward realizing full energy potential is the selection of a book such as Dr. George Redmon’s Energy For Life and incorporating its basic ideas into your everyday lifestyle.”—Barry Persky, PhD., President of the Doctoral Association of New York Educators.

Sensual for Life

If we’re living longer and remaining healthier, why are many women and men experiencing a premature decline in their sex lives? With this important new book you can enjoy sex for life, without resorting to dangerous drugs or invasive surgical procedures.

Energy for Life

Energy for Life addresses this crisis with a wealth of information specifically oriented toward helping you manage your own metabolic potential - and thereby realize a more energetic and healthful life.