The world energy crisis is currently NOT in the Middle East.

 It is within the bodies of millions of people whose lives are ruled by fatigue and lethargy. Energy for Life addresses this crisis with a wealth of information specifically oriented toward helping you manage your own metabolic potential—and thereby realize a more energetic and healthful life.

Check out these 100 ways you can energize your life!  

100 ways to naturally improve your energy levels!

  1. Reduce saturated fat intake.
  2. Know your current caloric ratios.
  3. Eliminate sugar snacks.
  4. Don’t eat when stressed.
  5. Consume 5 to 6 mini-meals daily.
  6. Don’t skip meals.
  7. Don’t overeat.
  8. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.
  9. Don’t eat on the run.
  10. Avoid highly seasoned food.
  11. Eat enough energy foods.
  12. Supplement your diet with Vitamin E.
  13. Walk 1 to 2 miles per day.
  14. Watch less TV.
  15. Join a health club.
  16. Get some sunshine daily.
  17. Go for a swim.
  18. Take a sauna bath.
  19. Build muscle.
  20. Get more sleep.
  21. Steam your vegetables.
  22. Take CoQ10 daily.
  23. Bake rather than fry foods.
  24. Eat your salad last.
  25. Use all organic foods.
  26. Don’t overeat.
  27. Eat yoghurt, not ice cream.
  28. Eat more oatmeal.
  29. Switch to soy and chicken burgers.
  30. Switch to low fat milk.
  31. Exchange coffee for herb teas.
  32. Become a vegetarian.
  33. Eat fruits early in the day, proteins at night.
  34. Drink 4 cups of green tea daily.
  35. Reduce processed food intake.
  36. Eat a variety of foods.
  37. Use soybeans instead of peanuts.
  38. Snack on rice cakes.
  39. Snack on fresh fruit at work.
  40. Try a new nutritious snack.
  41. Try algae or wheat grass juice.
  42. Know your food sensitivities.
  43. No carbohydrates before bedtime.
  44. Try a protein snack at bedtime.
  45. Recharge adrenal glands with B5.
  46. Opt for raw nuts, not roasted.
  47. Take a multi-vitamin daily.
  48. Take a multiple enzyme formula daily.
  49. Drink fluids after your meals, not with.
  50. Take antioxidants.
  51. Eat low caloric snacks.
  52. Eat right for your metabolic type.
  53. Never add salt when cooking.
  54. Don’t skip breakfast.
  55. Ladies, check your iron intake.
  56. Eliminate luncheon meats.
  57. Watch your food combinations.
  58. Try a new nutritious recipe.
  59. Eat only whole grain breads.
  60. Cook with olive, canola or safflower oil.
  61. Eat lots of dried beans.
  62. Take 100-1500mg of calcium daily.
  63. Avoid crash diets.
  64. Do a liver cleanse once a quarter.
  65. Have your “Ph” tested.
  66. Bike or use a stationary bike.
  67. Set up monthly detox cycles.
  68. Take acidophilus daily.
  69. Consider fasting, with doctor’s aid.
  70. Take up a new hobby.
  71. Learn how to say no!
  72. Think positive!
  73. Learn a new skill.
  74. Do it now! Do not procrastinate.
  75. Meditate.
  76. Work smarter; not harder.
  77. Avoid self-defeating and negative talk.
  78. Don’t take diet pills; change your lifestyle.
  79. Take the stairs.
  80. Park far away, and walk farther.
  81. Make time for yourself.
  82. Take up some kind of dance.
  83. Discuss sexual needs with partner, and then have more sex!
  84. No more fast food!
  85. Avoid soda pop.
  86. Substitute maple syrup or dark molasses for sugar.
  87. Try out a new form of exercise that’s fun—like skating!
  88. Avoid white and processed flour products.
  89. Eat more raw vegetables and fruit.
  90. Use a stationary bike.
  91. Get more sleep.  7-10 hours nightly.
  92. Take an Epson salt bath once every two weeks.
  93. Join a health club.
  94. Take an extra 50-100mg of B-complex vitamins when stressed out.
  95. Learn how to manage your time.
  96. Have your thyroid gland checked out.
  97. Consider fasting.  Check with your doctor first.
  98. Take one tsp. of flax seed oil daily.
  99. Consume only lean meats.
  100. Relax, relax, relax. 
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​Energy For Life: How to Overcome Chronic Fatigue (Paperback, $15.95))
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“We have been blessed with our own natural energy resource that has been robbed by diet, chemically treated food, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, pollutants, etc. Energy for Life is certainly needed in this era of high stress which is wreaking havoc in our society.” –Pamela J. Peters, Founder and Director, the Center for Stress, Pain, and Wellness Management

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100 ways to energize your body

the world energy crisis is not currently in the middle east.

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