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Healthcare professionals have continuously maintained that long-term sexual health and fitness are intimately intertwined with sustaining one’s overall health. Correspondingly, the goal of Reigniting Flames of Sexual Desire Naturally: A Guide for Youthful and Maturing Women is to show the reader how naturally maintaining ones overall physical and mental health drives the sexual continuum. Secondly, to reveal how orgasmic release and increased sexual activity isn’t just a means for experiencing pleasure or creating new life. Biologically, orgasmic release helps recalibrate and reenergize the body’s restorative biochemistry that not only promotes healing, but drives the health continuum. Thirdly, revealing   how naturally nourishing, and improving fluctuating aspects of inborn hormonal and sexual communication systems can improve sexually transmitted brain signals, sexual organ reaction times and performance.


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We can make positive choices to keep our bodies and ourselves vital and in tip top condition.  Dr. George Redmon is devoted to teaching others how to improve and maintain health naturally.  

Dr. George Redmon is a nationally recognized expert on nutritional supplements, herbal botanicals and holistic health care, having over 25 years of experience within the vitamin and natural healthcare industry. Extensively published and a frequent guest on syndicated radio programs, Dr. Redmon is author of Energy For Life: How To Overcome Chronic Fatigue, Square One Publishing, and is a Certified Herbal Specialist by the American Botanical Council.

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"​Ev​ery waking day is a God given opportunity to restore and/or improve one's health that results in a healthier and more vibrant state than the day before." --George L. Redmon Ph.D. N.D.      



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Nature's anti-diabetic medicines 

If diabetes is a commonly known and treatable disorder, why are healthcare experts across the globe sounding a universal alarm about its continuing progression? This anomaly is more complexing when you consider that when diabetes is managed properly, many individuals are able to live a productive, and in some cases a long life. 

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Based on current trends, cancer patients are surviving at a greater rate than ever before, with many patients surviving 10 to 20 years beyond their original cancer treatments. While this is attributed to improved treatment methods, the fact is many cancer survivors today face far more devastating negative known and unknown radiation and chemotherapy induced health events, following therapy.

our health is a precious gift.

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